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Empty Hands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Lord ~

I got nothin’

I don’t have strength

I don’t have energy

I don’t have insight or wisdom

I don’t have dry eyes

I don’t have a life without pain

I don’t have the ability to hold myself together

I don’t have…


But, I guess that means

That I don’t have an agenda with you

Or a box where you are supposed to fit.


That’s right God ~ I got nothin’


Remind me again – What have you got?


I’ve got the cattle that roam on a thousand hills

The wealth of every mine

I own the rivers and the rocks

I’ve got it all.


I’ve got the strength

I’ve got the insight and wisdom

I’ve got the ability to hold you together

For by me all things consist and are held together

I’ve got your purpose

I’ve got your heart

I’ve got your back and front

I’ve got what is above and below you

I’ve got your future and your past

I’ve got you in the present


But I don’t have dry eyes either

Even I don’t have a life without pain…


That’s why we are so good together


That’s what I’ve got…