Books I am Reading

“Big Girls Don’t Whine” by Jan Silvious —  Don’t read this book unless you want to be challenged!  Jan does a marvelous job of uncovering our ‘little girl’ ways of thinking, speaking and acting.  What a beautiful book that pushes us to be the Women God designed!

“The Daniel Fast” by Susan Greagory — A grest ‘how-to’ book on the practical side of fasting.  Awesome Vegan recipes if you are needing some 🙂

“The Soul Tracker”, “The Presence”, and “The Seeing” by Bill Myers
This is a series of fictional books that deal with a machine that can make the invisible spiritual wars of earth visible. The characters journey through incredible loss, fear and facing themselves in the reflection of Christ’s greatness. Great Sci-Fi for youth that are fighting very real battles in their lives.

“The Singer Trilogy” by Calvin Miller
This is a series of books, orginally: “The Signer”, “The Song”, and “The Finale” in one volume. A beautiful book of prose and poetry that is a mythic retelling of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have a kid who likes poetry – this is a must read.

“The Healing Light” by Agnes Sanford
This book discussing what exactly happens when you are healed, how to invite God in and what to expect. There are portions where I struggle to accept it all but the idea of explaining, fairly logically, the workings of God in our lives for personal healing is wonderful. Pray for God to lead you through this. It is a book that you may just accept a few nuggets while reading it this time and later find a different nugget the next time through.

“Fasting” by Jentezen Franklin   A book about Fasting and the How to’s of beginning this discipline.  Excellent easy read on a subject that can be difficult to understand.  I highly recommend it.

“Women, God’s Secret Weapon”  by Ed Silvoso This book puts a real explanation to why Eve was targeted by Satan in the Garden and why there has been such a struggle between our genders for equality.  It is a wonderful book that is balanced in the importance of women, especially as ministers/pastors/leaders in the church, without diminishing the importance of men in God’s kingdom.

1 thought on “Books I am Reading”

  1. Hi! I came across your blog and saw your posts on fasting from earlier in the year. I’d like to recommend another book for your list – The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast. 🙂

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