About Me

I am many things, but first I am a woman.  I am a woman saved by the Grace of God, continuing to push into His Presence and know Him more.

I am a wife.  My husband, Mark, is truly my perfect mate.  He is my balance, my checkpoint, my warrior and one on whom I rely for help with the everyday and the unique stresses that come with the journey.

I am a mother. I have three kids that have blessed my life with their joy and in sharing with their sorrows. But mostly, they provide a true reflection of what I demonstrate in my life. If it’s an ugly character trait, it will be shown back to me. If it is a blessing, I get to see it bless others through their lives. They are my heart that beats outside of me.

I am a Writer and Speaker. I have dared to begin sharing what God takes me through, past, and around. My greatest desire is to abolish the reputation of women; that we cannot be good to each other. I would love to see an end to all the middle parts of the cinderella story, you know, the one where the step-sisters tear off all that is good and beautiful about Cindrella’s ball gown. And instead, see a room filled with women who have exchanged our curses for blessings, our insecurities for confidence, our self reliance for vulnerability.

To learn more about Meakins Speak please click here.

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Debbie Espinoza said:

    I am inspired by this post…and drawn to your confidence. The last couple of sentences here really spoke to me.

    • Thank you Debbie – It truly is the passion of my heart. I don’t know yet all of the ‘how’ to walk through this but I do understand the ‘why.’ I believe God will keep bringing to me His heart on this matter and lead many of us in to His Glorious Freedom of Being Women!!!

      • Debbie Espinoza said:

        Do you have any books to suggest on the subject of being a confident woman, etc? Just wondered if there were any books that inspired you.

      • Hi Debbie – There are many books that have added to my confidence as a woman.

        The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer Women, God’s secret weapon by Ed Silvoso The Gospel of Ruth by Carolyn Custis James Big Girls Don’t Whine – by Jan Silvious Nice Girls Don’t Change the World – by Lynn Hybels Woman, Thou art Loosed – by T.D. Jakes

        You will find that as you walk through this journey that God will bring to you what you need for that next step. Some of these books I read over 8 years ago, a few were just this last year.

        Ask God to bring to you the message you need right now and be open to all the ways he will lead you!!! It is a fantastic, beautiful, crazy ride to find out how marvelously wonderful he made us to be. Most of all – to be a confident women – be confident in God. And Be brave enough to ask him hard questions….. He will answer them 🙂

        Cheryl Meakins Writer & Speaker http://www.MeakinsSpeak.wordpress.com

  2. Merry Christmas! May the coming year bring you joy and peace! Remember, Christmas is the “beginning of the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God!”

    • Merry CHRISTmas to you as well! I have never had a season of Christmas where my heart has been so overwhelmed by God’s gift to us. Thank you Hammond for sharing in that journey this Advent. May you continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ – and continue leading others into His Presence by your writing and prayers! What a gift you have to give 🙂

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